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Edena Village is the sixth Dungeon in the Murken Forest and the 13th dungeon altogether, unlocked at Lvl. 26 and recommended for Lvl. 26-28. 

The recommended troop level is 22.


Edena Village consists of 2 areas.

The first area contains nothing notable but a Pandora's Box.

The second area forks into a lower and an upper path, the lower one leads to an enemy that looks like a boss but isn't one (see enemy list below). The real boss can be found when following the upper path.


The first area contains the following groups of enemies:

Enemies in the second area:

  • 2 groups consisting of 2 Lvl. 28 Undead Crushers and 2 Lvl. 26 Undead Walkers each
  • Semi-boss-fight Ibalize's Avenger ("Demonic Enchanters", Lvl. 26) together with 2 Lvl. 28 Stylites
    • The enemy looks like a boss (not running towards the player, big hp bar in the upper right corner) but actually it is not the true dungeon boss
    • Fighting this enemy does not end the dungeon
  • Dungeon boss: Eletos ("The Great Swordsmen", Lvl. 28)



Upon entering, the following dialogue occurs between Dinah and the hero:

Dinah: We've finally arrived at Edena Village. All the surviving forest dwellers where supposed to gather here and wait for help.
Hero: 'Edena Village?' An awfully peaceful name for a village in the middle of that hellish Murken Forest. 
Dinah: It was once considered a safe haven for people who needed to travel through the forest. But it looks as though the village may have finally caved unter the evil forces amassing in the forest. How tragic. 
Hero: Let's keep looking. We may still find surviors (sic!).

When reaching the dungeon boss, the following dialogue occurs between Dinah, the boss and the hero:

Eletos: Arrghh... I can't fight it any more!
Dinah: Eletos!
Hero: Dinah, stay back! This warrior has been infected by the Void magic! Do you know him?
Dinah: He is a famed imperial swordsman. And a good...friend. Please! Wake up, Eletos!


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