The Dressing Room (Wardrobe) is based on the original clothing conversion system. This new feature will list all of the available clothes in Wartune and allow you to freely change your appearance by one click. Implemented with Patch 1.60.

All clothes in Wartune will be displayed in the Dressing Room. You can try on all these clothes there, including those you do not own at the moment.

Activated appearance will be saved directly after the change without influencing your level. That means your highest level will not be changed or deleted.



~Trying on clothes is completely free!

~The appearance after activation will be permanently available. Thus you can convert or sell your clothes in the inventory, but keep your appearance in the Dressing Room.


Some sets can be bought in the shop, others only in certain events.

  1. Angelic
  2. Baroque
  3. Christmas
  4. Surreal
  5. Emporer
  6. Apollo
  7. Fashion Statement

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