There is a well known secret in the game, where you can attack some AI driven monsters twice per round. One attack will be your characters auto-attack and the other is your chosen skill attack. Trigger a double attack by waiting for your character to begin its auto-attack and then to quickly activate a skill attack. When done correctly, this will result in your character making two attacks to the monsters one attack. When done incorrectly, you will lose a skill attack and only get an auto-attack that round. Double attacking allows you to do more damage, repeating more rewards during World Boss and getting farther in The Crypt.

Unfortunately, the window during which you can trigger the second attack is fairly small and it varies depending on the server lag. The lag timing is quite variable. Sometimes, you'll have a full second to trigger the skill attack after the auto-attack begins, while other times you'll have to trigger the skill attack before the auto-attack animation even starts.

Where Can I Double AttackEdit

Genereally, you can double attack against most AI monsters where you are fighting with your troops, but you can never double attack when you are fighitng against other players. Here is a list of known places where you can double attack:

  • World Boss
  • The Crypt
  • Single Player Campaigns
  • Mobs in the Wilds

Double Attack VideosEdit

Mage Double Attack

Knight Double Attack

Archer Double Attack

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