Delphinian Swamp is the second Dungeon in the Fetid Swamp and the 16th dungeon altogether, unlocked at Lvl. 32 and recommended for Lvl. 32-34.

The recommended troop level is 28.


Delphinian Swamp consists of 3 areas.

The first area contains an explorable Worg's Lair in the bottom left corner, after the junction on the left side. 

At the end of the left path at the first junction in area 2, Pandora's Box can be found. Following the right path an explorable Kobold Treasue Cache is located.

The third area contains an explorable Umbral Tomb at the end of the left path of the first junction.


The first area contains the following groups of enemies:

Enemies in the second area:

Enemies in the third area:



Upon entering, the following dialogue occurs between Dinah and the hero:

Hero: Elise is fading fast! We must hurry through this swamp! 
Dinah: There are many items we need for the revival ceremony. Most likely the creatures that live here will have the items on them. If we take down some of these enemies, we will find the ingredients we need more quickly.
Hero: Ok, let's collect the materials as soon as possible and get out of here!  

When reaching the dungeon boss, the following dialogue occurs between Dinah, the boss and the hero:

High Commander Tarnis: The Army of Darkness already belongs to the mighty Yaros. Hahaha! Prepare to die, maggots!  
Dinah: Tarnis! You and your followers have already joined forces with Yaros? I am not surprised...
Hero: Tarnis, you and your evil army are in my way. 


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