There are multiple currencies in Wartunes


Can be used make contributions to a guild, recruit troops, upgrade buildings, and buy items.


Obtained through quests and the Tree of Ancients and can be spent on some cooldowns, upgrades and shop items.


Players can spend real money on Balens which are used on Balen-only items, speeding up countdowns and Alchemy.

For every 100 Balens spent, your VIP level exp also increases by 1.


Used for upgrading troops and enlightenment.


Used in the academy to upgrade technologies.

Guild Contribution

1,000 gold = 5 balens = 1 Guild Contribution

1:1 Wealth:Contribution, for wealth you provide the guild. Used for learning guild skills and using the guild altar. Can be acquired through donations, certain quests, and killing invaders.

Guild Wealth

Used for paying member fees, buying guild skills, upgrading the guild, and buying guild structures.