Item DetailsEdit

Type: Equipment - Jewelry


Required Class: Any

Required Level: 1

Base Rating: 0

Enchantable: Yes, +9

Enchanting Bonus

  • Unknown

Additional Stats: (unknown)

Sockets: 1 open, 2 closed, 1 epic (Assumed)

Valid For: Unknown

Where to FindEdit

This item is currently unobtainable by normal methods. Instead, one must manipulate the Item ID variable from another item and change it to: 1005.


  • This item is in a small hidden ID set that points to the Sengolar Set. There appears to be no other information given for this set.
  • This hidden item's icon is missing a graphic, and is replaced by the "?" Missing-Icon graphic
  • Flavor text reads: "Equipment that is not of this world."

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