Hi All,

This is a subject with many Questions i get the Question "How can i get Special Cloth style Or also Calld Noble's Attire"

let My Give A Overview From How you do it:

Lvl 1 Clothing Armor + Fashion core.

Lvl 1 Clothing Armor + Fashion Core.

(Now you have 2x Lvl 2 Clothing Armor)

Lvl 2 Clothing Armor + Lvl 2 Clothing Armor and Good Luck Charm Makes lvl 3.

(Now you need do the same again Till you have again lvl 3 Clothing Armor again)

Lvl 3 Clothing Armor + Lvl 3 Clothing Armor and Good Luck Charm Makes lvl 4.

Now You take This Lvl 4 Clothing and u Use Fashion Core Till you have the Noble's Attire.

So this was a overview From The Noble's Attire If you have any Question Left Obout Other Clothes Or This Clothing Feel Free to Ask Me :).

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