Clothign Identification Icon

Clothing Identification Icon

Added in patch 2.46 Part 2, Clothing Identification is a new way of adding stats like Strength, Armor, Intellect, and Endurance for a cost of gold and Fashion Cores. It is very expensive but in the end it all adds up to increase your Battle Rating.

What Clothing Identification Is and DoesEdit

There are several different ranks of clothing and each one has a different cost of gold and percentage proc rate of identifying it. After you Identify that piece of clothing you have a cost of a certain amount of Fashion Cores that will increase its star value There is a catch though, you can use Fashion Cores to increase the star level, but at the same time you can lose star ranking. For example you Identfiy a D Class piece of clothing after spending 200,000 gold and you get 1 star on it. Then you refine it 1 time using 1 fashion core and you get 4 stars. Then you use another Fashion core and it goes down to 2 stars. That is just an example and very possible but once you refine it to 5 stars it locks in and can never be refined or identified again. Loss eliminated with update release dated December 29, 2015.

Stats on ClothingEdit

Each Piece of Clothing gives a specific Stat:

  • Helm gives Intellect
    • Intelect = 4 Matk and 1 Mdef
  • Chest gives Armor
    • Armor = 4 Pdef and 4 Mdef
  • Weapon gives Strength
    • Strength = 4 Patk and 1 Pdef
  • Wing gives Endurance
    • Endurance = 20 HP

Ranks and CostEdit

There are 5 ranks of Clothing and each piece of clothing costs the same amount of gold and Fashion Cores:

S Rank Edit

  • 20 Stats Per Star
  • 1,000,000 Gold to Identify, 20% Chance
  • 5 Fashion Core to Refine

A RankEdit

  • 8 Stats Per Star
  • 800,000 Gold to Identify, 30% Chance
  • 4 Fashion Core to Refine

B RankEdit

  • Stats Per Star
  • 600,000 Gold to Identify, 40% Chance
  • 3 Fashion Core to Refine

C RankEdit

  • Stats Per Star
  • 400,000 Gold to Identify, 50% Chance
  • 2 Fashion Core to Refine

D RankEdit

  • Stats Per Star
  • 200,000 Gold to Identify, 60% Chance
  • 1 Fashion Core to Refine

Note: You do not have to have the piece of clothing that you refine equipped. The Clothing all stack similar to mounts. Example if you have a 5 star Classical Piece which is a D Rank Weapon that gives +10 Strength and a 1 star Gothic Edge which is a B Rank Weapon that gives +5 Strength your total strength will be +15 Strength in your total Clothing Identification.

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