Circuit quests
Circuit Quests is a function introduced to players with the launch of patch 2.1.3

Level Requirements: Level 35 and above

Circuit Quests is a function, like Bounty Quests, that is combined with a series of simple quests. Every quest completion is called one circuit. Rewards will be awarded after each circuit.
Imperial Seal

Imperial Seal

Unwanted quests can be completed by spending 35 balens. (Or imperial Seal)


Quests can be obtained from NPC Asima the Northeast side of Cloud City. The difficulty and the rewards of the quests will vary on the players' level. Unlimited number of circuits can be completed each day. A weekly quests e.g. 200 circuits, will be available and reset every Monday at 03:00 PST

List of Circuit Quests
Quest Name Quest Description
Sylphbuster / Ghostbuster Destroy 10/ 5 shadows on Level 'x' of Sylph Atoll
Recruit Troops Recruit 200 'x' (troops)
Enchant Master Enchant any piece of Equipment 'x' times
QTE Training Practice QTE 'x' number of times
Whack-a-Mouse Hit 'x' number of mice
Collect Flowers Collect 'x' type of flower from Level 'x' of Sylph Atoll
Send Message Deliver message to NPC 'x'
Eliminate Monster Eliminate 'x' number of monsters from 'x' campaign map
Eliminate Monster Eliminate 'x' number of monsters from 'x' dungeon map
Astro Master Capture 'x' number of Astrals
Submit Items Submit 'x' (items) purchased from Guild, Arena or Crypt Shop
Socket Master Socket a Gem
Collect Flowers Collect 'x' type of flower from Cloud City
Contribute To Your Guild Add 'x' amount of guild contribution
Sacrifice Sylph Sacrifice a Sylph


After each circuit, players will be rewarded with gold and Daru, and sometimes other items like crystals Soul, Mount Training Whips, Fate Stones, et cetera. The highest level of the players, the greater the reward. Greater amount of awards (gold, Daru, Soul Crystals, special boxes) will be awarded for completing missions

Lvl 1 10 50/100/150 200
35-44 2000 Gold, 10000 Daru +5 Soul Crystals Poor Noble's Chest Poor Royal's Chest
45-54 2400 Gold, 12000 Daru +10 Soul Crystals Noble's Chest Royal's Chest
55-64 3000 Gold, 15000 Daru + 20 Soul Crystals Rich Noble’s Chest Rich Royal’s Chest
65-80 4000 Gold, 20000 Daru + 20 Soul Crystals Rich Noble’s Chest Rich Royal’s Chest

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