Synthesize (Blacksmith)Edit

Blacksmith tab Synthesize allows you to create certain armor sets (other you can buy in Arena Shop), gems and items (Lucky Stones and Battleground Chests for example). Almost every kind of item has more levels, so when you accumulate more of the same kind, better check if you can further synthesize them to higher level with better stats or to Legendary armor set. The higher level the more gold is required of course.

Every 5 levels new synthesizing formulas appears in menu. You can also obtain them randomly from multiplayer dungeons or buy them in shop for balens. (See "Gems" down here for example)

After being advanced, the original item stats, enchantment number(=level) and refine level will be inherited, i.e. item keep them, are the same before and after synthesizing. Maximal enchantement level is raised after advancing item, also it can open new extra socketing slot.

Success rate of all synthesizing is 100%, you always get what you are synthesizing.

Equipped items and bound materials are always used first.


As you level up, here will appear new armor sets for 30, 40, 50 and so levels. You CAN SYNTHESIZE them long time BEFORE you are on needed level, but you can EQUIP them only AFTER you are on the minimum needed level. When you click each piece of armor, you can see what is needed to synthesizing it and how much gold it will cost. Also, each armor set gives you bonuses if you wear 2 or more pieces of the same set. What bonuses is written under its stats information. Once equipped, active bonus will become written in green colour.


It is important to inspect Socket tab before you decide what Gems you will need, because down under socketing slots is written what kind of gems your character (class) needs. For example for Mage it is MATK, PDEF, MDEF and HP gems. If you get different kind than you need - NEVER SELL ANY GEMS - open Blacksmithing tab Convert and transfigurate wrong gems to right gems. Sources of gems are mainly Catacombs (always get lots of them, every 5 levels is golden chest) + all kinds of chests, Guild Blessing roulette, Lucky Strike roulette in Daily devotion window, even Hot Events sometimes. From level 43 is there Jewel Hunt minigame which is basically bingo (but works also for L and T shapes, not just lines), you get not only gem packs, but all sorts of source items from it like gold, daru, shards, runes...

You ALWAYS need 4 pieces of same-level gem to synthesize higher level. If you have 3 of the same color and 1 of the other color, you can Convert it and now you have 4 same coloured to combine into higher gem.

Learning how to make higher level gemsEdit

Gems can be levelled up to level 9, but at the beginning your blacksmith do not know how to do that and you must bring him scrolls with gem recipe, so he can learn it. You can obtain them for balens from Shop* > Special > next page button (scrolls on purple background, called Lvl. xyz Gem Transposer) or rarely from Guild Blessing or even more rarely from dungeon chests. *shop is the lion icon next to inventory bag

It is important to notice that more low level gems gives you together more bonus than one high level and lots of empty slots. ;) It is advisable to keep your current gems socketed all the time and create extra gems in Inventory bag first before you un-socket the low level, synthesize all 4 to 1 higher gem and socket the higher gem back in place. Also, gems are not only way to get bonus for stats, see Astrals and Guild Skills (and work on all three), also stats can be changed by Refining (be careful, refining is random unless you have Refinement Lock item - and do not forget to lock with it the stat you like, but you can instead pay with balens to lock the stat without having Refinement Lock).


You will need high level Lucky Stones for Enchanting your armor from certain point, it adds you % of "luck". For higher enchanting with base luck 10% and great gold cost, 90% Lucky stone bonus is highly reccomendable so final luck is 100% (for less amounts of gold you would go for 70-90% of final luck). In current moment, Luck Stones can be obtained from Fishing minigame (3rd line of fish from top of water level) and randomly from other activities. They can be also bought in Guild shop for guild contributions (highest obtainable level depends on shop level, NOT on yours level).

There are basically two types of Items - first type you can always see in menu and check any time how many of something you need to synthesize item and how much gold it will cost. Second type is special item, is NOT normally present in menu and appears only if you have in your INVENTORY, not vault, at least 1 shard needed to synthesize it. When you have at least 1 shard, new line in menu appear and you can see how many of that shards you need and what amount of gold it cost to synthesize special item.

In Items you can synthesize Fashion Core (used to replace lvl.1 Clothing), Luck Stones of different levels (used to help with Enchanting), Battleground Treasure Chest, Star Tears (used to refine Syplhs), Sylph Resource Pack, Refinement Crystals of different levels (use in Refine blacksmith tab), Crystaloids of different levels and many cards you need to obtain new* riding animal in Stables (some hot events allows you to exchange certain card for rewards).   *animals' stats are stackable; better stats animals can have also higher riding speed

Legendary EquipmentEdit

From level 40 armor sets, you can upgrade your existing armor to Legendary version. Staff, Hat, Robe and Brooch can be either synthetized from Blacksmith (see Equipment above) or rarely you can get its part from game as reward. Legendary sets contain also Legendary versions Ring-L(eft), Ring-R(ight) and Jewel-L and Jewel-R of the same name as Staff-Hat-Robe-Brooch set and normal versions of these can be bought from Arena Shop or Crypt Shop. For all kind of legendary synthesizing you will need Legendary Stones (randomly dropped in MP dungeons, Nightmare only), the normal-level armor item and its specific Legendary Shards - each item has own picture on shard and you need to buy 5 pieces of correct-picture Legendary Shards in Arena Shop (you pay with Insignias), or Crypt Shop. Legendary Stones are of a different level for each armor set - lvl 40 armor set needs lvl 40 Legendary Stones, lvl 50 armor set needs lvl 50 Legendary Stones and so forth.

After being advanced to Legendary status, the original item stats, the enchantment number(=level) and the refinement level will all be inherited (preserved). Equipped items and bound materials are always used first.

Written by Dandelion, Mage 47 on S307, 24.8.2014