the sad tale of jammy whale by Jammiestponyartists

Jammy whale lived in the sea with his mummy and daddy on the northern coast of ameerica. he was a killer whale who really liked jelly beans. They were his favourite because his mummy used to play a game with them where she would put them on a fishing rod and pretend to fish for him in the see. but one day jammy whale got tired of catching belly jeans and when he was about 14/15 or 16 (lol can't remember everytim ) he set of 2 see the world under the osheon 

lol he was so happy that he was doing a little dance that was so funny to watch  xD. jammy whale: man im so happy aboat leaving home after livng there for so long Y DIDNT I DO THIS B4 WOW. so he set off again and founderd a coril reaf that was so coulourfull and brite and full of fishies that he fought that he wood stay there 4ever and evr.

meanwhile;; Lelpot(jammy whales mum)mg i cri everynite bcuz ma bbe is gone D: Lelpot: im so sad i could kill myself lelpot cries evernight bcuz she has lost her bbe

???: hello lelpot...... lelpot: OMGWTF?!

end of chapter 1ne  

pls comment and favourite!

I have no idea111... klol get reked m8 420blazin mlg scrublord n0sc0prz1111

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