Bloodnite Canyon is the first quest regarding a dungeon in The Demon Void.


Passing the dungeon Bloodnite Canyon and defeating the dungeon boss Lilith the Bloodnite Ant Queen completes the quest.


Click on [Campaign] -> Select [Bloodnite Canyon] -> Gain passage through the 
dungeon once.


When entering the dungeon:

Dinah: My liege, that was so frightening. I don't know what came over me.
Elise: Dinah, you were possessed. But you are fine now.
Hero: Elise? Where did you come from?
Elise: *shrugs* I'm not sure. One minute I was with you and Dinah and Jarlor, and then I woke up here, on the very crusp of the Void!
Hero: Well, we are all here and ready for battle. Let's go forth and destroy that Void!

When reaching the dungeon boss for the first time:

Dinah: Is that a human riding a giant ant?
(rest of the dialogue has been missed)


Once completed, players are rewarded with 300.000 EXP and 35.000 Gold.

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