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Blessing wheel
The Blessing Wheel is a new feature, located inside the Academy, introduced to players in the 1.6.7 patch update.


Academy w blessing wheel

Blessing Wheel location

The Blessing Wheel is in the Academy screen, located in the upper right corner under the "Upgrade" button.

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Blessing Wheel interface

At level 41, the players will receive the usual level up pop-up window, and underneath the "Unlocked" will be written Blessing Wheel. The Blessing Wheel provides additional boosts to player's technologies bonus. Players will receive a permanent boost of 10%, the wheel can be spun as much as wanted, each spin will cost 2,000 Kyanite. Players can obtain a maximum boost of 200%. The boosts are reset at 05:00 PST everyday, resulting the boosts to be reduced at 10% again.

In the Blessing Wheel interface, the player is shown the amount of current boost, a spinner (showing boosts) and the amount of Kyanites possessed. Players can spin the wheel manually by clicking the pink "Spin" button. The button loses its color after player reaches maximum boost.

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