Item Details

Type: Equipment - Ring
Bender ring R


  • HP +414
  • Larnicus' Offensive (Bender Ring R, Bender Ring L)
    • (2) Chance to reduce rage consumption by 40%

Required Class: Mage

Required Level: 40

Base Rating: 82

Enchantable: Yes, +15 (Legendary +21)

Enchanting Bonus

  • +696 HP (Legendary +974 HP)

Additional Stats: +5 random

Sockets: 1 open, 2 closed, 1 epic

Legendary Status

Legendary Bender Ring R

In order to obtain the Legendary Form of this item, the player must collect 50 Lvl 40 Legendary Stones and 5 Lvl 40 Epic Ring Shards. The legendary form is synthesized in the Blacksmith, and consumes 300,000 gold. Note that the legendary form will have 5 new additional stats randomly generated.

Where to Find

This item is purchasable in the Crypt Shop for 200 Crypt Tokens after reaching floor 35 of the Forgotten Catacombs.

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