Baylon Plains is available as soon as Recruit Hunters is finished.


All enemies need to be killed in Baylon Plains for the quest to be completed. This means clearing the first two areas of the dungeon, including the area boss of the 2nd area (Karlan). As soon as the 2nd area is cleared, the dungeon is exited automatically.


Click on [Campaign] -> Select the [Baylon Plains] -> Gain passage through the 
Many people have come to the city to escape the troubles in the Baylon Plains. 
Visit the area to investigate the problems.


Hero: This is the Baylon Plains, an area known for its beauty and abundance. It was named for the famed beauty, Queen Baylon.
Dinah: It has been overrun by Taurens and other beasts. The place has been burned and the people have fled.
Hero: What creatures plague this area?
Dinah: There is a gang known as the Brothers Tauren, three exceptional Tauren generals who have single-handedly sought to destroy the human race and relieve the glory days when Taurens ruled all. The amount of blood already on their (rest is unreadable)
The Empire has been weakened by the years of fighting this unknown evil that has been growing in the world. It doesn't have an army to send. So warlords like these brothers have stepped up to take control of large areals of Gaia.
Hero: So it is up to the people to defend themselves?
Dinah: *nods* People who have not the means to do so. But I am confident that like the great hero Aklorn, the gods will send a new hero to save them.
Hero: Perhaps they could hurry up about it.


Once completed, players are rewarded with 14.000 EXP.

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