Baylon Plains is the second Dungeon in the Autaric Plains and the second dungeon alltogether, unlocked at Lvl. 9 and recommended for Lvl. 9-11. 

The recommended troop level is 7.


Baylon Plains consists of 2 areas.

Right next to the entrance, after the first fight, an explorable Tauren Tomb can be found on the left side of the path. Exploring it can give Daru or lead to a sentinel.

After the first fight in area 2 an explorable Hunter's Treasure Cache is found. Exploring it may again give Daru or lead to a sentinel.


The first area contains the following groups of enemies:

The second area contains the following groups of enemies:

  • 2 groups consisting of 2 Lvl. 9 Tauren Gladiators each
  • If exploring the Hunter's Treasure Cache leads to a sentinel
  • Area Boss: Karlan, Lvl. 10 (only fightable during the first dungeon run)
  • Dungeon Boss: Karda, Lvl. 10 (fighable from the second run onwards)
    • The dungeon boss from the second run onwards are the three Brothers Tauren, named Karlan, Karda and Karfa. Although only Karda's name appears on the map (before the fight starts), the party that needs to be fought consists of all three of them, everyone at Lvl. 10.

Total: 9 (21) monsters for quest purposes.




During the quest Baylon Plains the dungeon is automatically completed as soon as the area boss of the 2nd area has been defeated. The final boss cannot be challenged in the first dungeon run.

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