U like extra heals? This eudaemon is then made just for you!


The Battle Oracle can be obtained from The God Timo NPC in Cloud city as long as the player has five Eudaemon Mark Shards in his/her inventory. The Battle Oracle is one of the first three selectable Eudaemons that can be chosen from. The Battle Oracle comes without any known skills and will only use a basic attack when in battle. A player may teach skills to the Battle Oracle by using a Eudaemon Active Skill Scroll. These are obtained from a Eudaemon skill Box. These can be gotten from the Eudaemon arena.

Battle Rating and ResistancesEdit

The Battle Oracle, like all Eudaemons, gains it's stats based on the player. The base stat the Eudaemon has will be 30% of the player. This percentage can be raised by using Eudaemon Warpath Crystals on the Warpath Function on The Eudaemon RES panel. The Eudaemon can also be equipped with a sylph to further boost the Eudaemon's stats. However, the Eudaemon will not be able to awaken the sylph, though it instead stacks all the stats of the sylph onto itself. When putting a sylph onto the Battle Oracle, you should put a Mage based sylph like Apollo, Eve, or Iris onto the Battle Oracle. This is because not only will the stats on these sylphs be better for a magic weilder anyways, but also because the attack values of the sylphs are not converted when they are added to the Battle Oracle, meaning that if you have 100k PATK into a pan, the Battle Oracle will gain 100k PATK, but it will be worthless as the Battle Oracle is MATK based.

Tactics Edit

Battle Oracle is a great support eudaemon. He has same skills as Mage does expect Delphic and Passives. It is reccomended to equip your eudameon with next set of skills:

  1. Suntoria
  2. Restoration
  3. Thunderer (Rain of Fire)
  4. Delphic • Radiant Judgement
  5. Delphic • divine blessing

With this build you will heal yourself (team) and yet deal some damage. Also mages and Battle Oracles are nasty combination. Since they both have suntoria it can be tricky. So try to kill Battle Oracle as soon as possible.