Banshee Wetlands is the first Dungeon in the Fetid Swamp and the 15th dungeon altogether, unlocked at Lvl. 30 and recommended for Lvl. 30-32.

The recommended troop level is 26.

Elise joins the player on his or her's first passage through the dungeon, until the boss is defeated for the first time. She has Lvl. 32 for this dungeon.


Banshee Wetlands consists of 2 areas.

The first area contains nothing notable. 

Next to the entrance of area 2 an explorable Daradon Lair can be found. Pandora's Box is located in this area too.


The first area contains the following groups of enemies:

Enemies in the second area:

  • 1 group consisting of 2 Lvl. 30 Swamp Worgs and 1 Lvl. 31 Berserker Daradon
  • If exploring the Daradon Lair leads to a sentinel:
  • 1 group consisting of 4 Lvl. 30 Swamp Worgs
  • Dungeon boss: Boracus ("Sycorax Captain", Lvl. 32)
    • The boss info in the upper right corner during the fight says, Boracus is Lvl. 30. It is unclear what level Boracus really has, although Lvl. 32 would be consistent with the other dungeon bosses.



Upon entering, the following dialogue occurs between EliseDinah and the hero:

Hero: Elise! Good to see you again, my friend. Do you have news from the Imperial Temple?
Elise: Yes, the Imperial Temple has learned that Yaros and his Void Army have indeed reappeared in the world.
Hero: We have already crossed paths with Merloch, the Spirit of Yaros - now it is time to find the real Yaros. 
Elise: The Imperial Temple has ordered us to enter the Fetid Swamp to determine the true whereabouts of Yaros.
Hero: The defining moment of the human race was when Aklorn gave his life to defeat Ibalize to hold back the forces of Yaros. I cannot allow Yaros to walk in the world once more and have Aklorn's sacrifice be made in vain.
Dinah: Spoken like a true hero.

No dialogue occurs when reaching the final boss.


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