Advanced AstralsEdit

The following Astrals cannot be put into a regular slot, they must be put in an advanced astral spot. The 1st spot is oppened by completing the Astral Master quest (Grab 5000 astrals) at level 60, while the second is added upon Class Advancement, at level 80.

Astrals in 3.1
Astral Name Astral Effect Cost (Star Points)
Sacred Gemini PATK + 216, Penetration + 216 45000
Sacred Piscis MATK + 216, Penetration + 216 45000
Fury Attack PATK + 144, Penetration + 144 30000
Concentrated Attack MATK + 144, Penetration + 144 30000

Sacred Gemini


Sacred Pisces

Cost To UpgradeEdit

Both Sacred Gemini and Sacred Piscis upgrade based on the Red Astrals, and Fury Attack, along with Concentrated attack, both upgrade based on the Orange Astrals.  

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